Sсhool of oriental languages and culture


We are the  “School of Oriental Languages and Сultures” an exclusive Oriental Languages and Cultures Center that provides all kinds of educational programs involving both  the communicational as well as the grammar skills. Apart from teaching the various oriental languages our core aim  is to spread the  cultural understanding and projects all  in various cultural aspects in a positive light in order  to enhance  the holistic understanding and harmony between people of different nations and linguistic background in  of our world.

Our team of teachers are highly skilled  and experienced and we do  enjoy the right blend of both local and international teachers. We teach not only Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Farsi or Hindi, but Oriental arts which are the essential tools of different  nations  and an understanding of their set of mind and  more importantly their way of life in each one of the  Oriental countries. For our students we offer classes of traditional Japanese, Chinese or Hatt calligraphy, playing on Japanese flute Shiakuhachi, ikebana and origami.

We as an institute has been very dynamic and result oriented not only in mastering the language skills and cultural studies of the oriental countries we have in our past recommended and supported our students to go for more intensive learning of the language in various oriental universities of some of the Oriental  countries. As an institution , we are open and very welcoming to  to the idea of future collaboration and co- operation with different institutes and universities  of the Oriental Countries for the different academic programms in a mutually acceptable basis. 

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